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Alright, so on this audiophile excursion of mine I decided to do a lot of research on wire, speaker wire, amp kit wire, etc.. What's your favorite? Dislikes? Likes?

This past install I used STREETWIRES 14 gauge speaker wire and an amp kit by KnuKonceptz which to my understanding is a bit newer of a company. I haven't heard anything bad about em yet! What I can tell you is that the KnuKonceptz Kolossus Fleks line is CRAZY nice, but you will also pay for the quality. But it is true to gauge wire, if you want a 4 gauge wire that is 4 gauge and that will continue to be 4 gauge after the ends are stripped, Fleks is what you want!.. It didn't shred nearly as much as the Streetwires, but then again, it was more expensive.. So we are back to, you get what you pay for. The only complaint I have about the amp kit that I ordered and paid nearly $80 for was the hardware kit was on the cheap side..
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